BMW Features Worth Bragging About
There are many reasons why someone might choose to drive a BMW – and it’s not just for the status that it suggests. The fact is, as a range of vehicles, BMWs do offer many features and specifications which you can’t find in such a healthy abundance elsewhere. These are all good reasons for wanting to drive a BMW, but it helps if you know exactly what they are. Of course, the features do vary from model to model, but on the whole there are some essentials that you can bank on, no matter which you go for. Let’s take a look at what those are now. What features set BMW apart from the rest?  Kidney Grille bmw-bragging-rights-kidney-grille Now, we are not for a moment suggesting that the idea of a grille itself is anything unique to BMW. But the particular design of the kidney grille is something which you are not going to see anywhere else – literally, as BMW have it patented. The company itself boasts that the kidney grille allows a much more efficient interchange of air, resulting in a more temperate engine and therefore a more reliable and smoother ride. But there is something else about this feature which is likely to be obvious even to the car novice: it happens to make the face of the car look that extra bit more stylish. Hofmeister Kink bmw-bragging-rights-hoffmiester-kink This is the name given to the counter curve in the window outline on the rear roof pillar. Although it is only an infinitesimal feature, it does a surprising amount for the overall appearance of the vehicle. Clearly the makers are likely to agree, as evidenced by the fact that the Hofmeister kink has appeared on practically every model since its inception in 1961. This is one of those small yet powerful details which subtly mark out a BMW as being different to anything else.  Classic Interior bmw-bragging-rights-classic-interior Something that all BMW drivers are usually keen on is the interior of the vehicle. We have seen how the outside is marked by a few common design features, and the same is true of the interior. Often flushed with a delicate cream under-colour, the interior tends to be the ideal combination of classic and comfortable. What’s more, you can even get the interior easily cleaned by taking it to a specialist such as Shadetree Automotive. As long as it is looked after in this way, there is no reason such a strong interior can’t last forever. High-Tech Consoles bmw-bragging-rights-high-tech-console Finally, let’s take a brief look at one of the latest additions to the BMW fleet of cars. All new models are equipped with a fully-functioning high-tech console, which allows you to do a number of things without any fuss whatsoever. Whether it’s radio controls, phone features, or performance-related warnings, these modern consoles are packing as much as possible into one small space. Not only does this make the drive itself easier, but it means that there is even more reason to love the interior.  bmw-ceo-bragging
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