Ferrari Dominates The London Classic Car Show
If you call yourself a classic car enthusiast then you were probably at the London Classic Car Show last week.  You weren’t alone as the Capital’s most nostalgic car show was on a record high.  More visitors than before and a record number of exhibitors with prices continuing along this mad path the classic car world is seeing at the moment! It was the 3rd year this automotive culture show had run.  Over 37,000 visitors got to mingle amongst 800 of the world’s most beautiful and well engineered classic cars at the ExCel in London. From barn finds to restorations there were a great mix of one of specials.  Although the purists weren’t left out either.  The show also exhibited some championship winning race cars.   LCCS-2017-Ferrari-Stand-D However there was one brand which really stood out against the crowd.  Ferrari celebrate their 70th birthday this year and so the Classic Car Show ensured there was an incredible display on show.  21 of the greatest cars to ever wear the prancing horse were bought out of their stable and left to graze on display.  It was estimated there was over £120 million of vehicles in this never before seen display.  All the greats were represented.  Daytona, 275 GTB, Dino, 250 California, F40 and F50.  Topped by a scarlet 250 GTO, the most revered and valuable of all Ferraris.   To celebrate the company’s 70th birthday they have released the LaFerrari Aperta. She boasts the same specification and characteristics as the LaFerrari, combining extraordinary performance with the unique exhilaration of open-top driving. It is equipped with the same hybrid power unit as the coupé: an 800 cv 6,262cc V12 engine (specific power output of 128 cv/l, compression ratio 13.5:1) coupled with a 120 kW electric motor for a total power output of a 963 cv. LCCS-2017-Ferrari-Stand-B The powertrain control software has been optimised to increase its overall efficiency thanks to the experience Maranello’s engineers gained with LaFerrari. The dynamic control systems integrated with the active aerodynamics remain unchanged. LCCS-2017-Ferrari-Stand-A Before you turn to your wife and say “I’m selling my car” you may want to take note of the OTR on one of these puppies.  Whilst it is incredibly unlikely you will manage to get your hands on an Aperta due to the limited numbers, one london broker said he could source the LaFerrari for £2.5 million.  So for most of us, we’ll never get the chance to own one of these incredible celebration models. Don’t worry though! You can get up close and personal with one.  We are only a few months away from one of the most exciting events in car shows, the Goodwood Festival Of Speed and it is almost definite that Ferrari will be sending the LaFerrari Aperta up the famous hill climb.  Which means you can get your fingers on it in the supercar paddock.  Where you can imagine climbing on board and heading off for the road trip of a lifetime.  LCCS-2017-Ferrari-Stand-C
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