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Seat Exeo, The Apprentice Becomes The Master of Emulation
You gave us Paella, we gave you fish and chips, you gave us Tapas and we gave you fish and chips. The cultural divides that separates us are, to some extent, bridged by our indifferences and your tolerant warm embrace. We share a common spirit that runs throughout the ages, our Anglo Saxon heritage bonded not just in the chronicles of history but now in the present, within the very fabric of our digital and mechanised world. The Exeo is an example of our shared spirit, our Anglo Saxon roots evident over your Mediterranean makeover.
The Seat Exeo entered the D segment market in 2008 and though it is very easy to look upon it as a re-badged, last generation Audi A4, it is what it is a clandestine A4 re-honed for Spanish consumption. It shares the same fundamental powertrain layout as the A4, the engine is oriented longitudinally and is mounted at the front, rather than the transverse engine layout used in the rest of Seat's range. The A4's multi-link fully independent front and rear suspension with light-weight cast aluminium alloy front suspension arms are also used.
Spain, we have forsaken you for perhaps too long our Anglo Saxon heritage, fueled by Ryan Air and Easy Jet, has slashed an open wound upon your hospitality. Having descended on your beaches like a swarm of Locusts, this species has ravaged your generosity and urinated upon your culture, in most cases literally. You know them as the British tourist and what you have given them far exceeds the tourist trade and EU exchange rates they have given in return. You gave them the Chorizo, they gave you fish and chips.
Exterior changes amount to erasing all traces of the Exeo's Saxon/Bauhaus heritage, the Front Grill, front bumper, headlights and rear tail lights have been recently redesigned introducing Seat's new design language. Its called badge engineering and in the Exeo's case that is the literal interpretation, nevertheless it is still a smart looking car that will leave people equally baffled and equally impressed.
JULY 2012