Jaguar Owners Are Spiffingly Tolerant of Indians, What!
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All-in-one car website website,, surveyed over 3.000 known UK Jaguar owners and of course there was good and bad news. Bad news, Jaguar owners lover their dealerships; Bad news, Jaguar owners would vote UKIP. Jag owners were OK with the Brit brand being under Indian ownership. Thats kind of like saying ‘Those Indians must do better’. Heres what the online survey revealed; Tata ownership does not seem to have caused any issues with Jaguar owners. 5% said they were less likely to buy a Jaguar, 77% thought it made no difference or had no relevance. 80% thought Jaguar had ‘improved’ or ‘massively improved’ in the last three years. Since Tata acquired Jaguar, 44% of owners thought it meant a ‘better future’, 32% said they were ‘better cars’ and 22%, a ‘bigger range’. However, 26% of Jaguar owners thought that the company coming under Indian ownership was ‘slightly sad’. Overall, 32% of owners rated Jaguar 10 out of 10 with 84% rating the company 8, 9 or 10 out of 10. Jaguar owners are a class of their own; 86% are aged 50 and over and the respondents were overwhelmingly male – 94%. Jaguar owners are loyal with 30% having owned 4 or more Jaguars. In an indication of their mind-set, 27% of Jaguar owners would vote UKIP at the next election, even higher than some recent national polls suggest, with 37% intending to vote Conservative. Jaguar owners are not Liberals with less than 1% intending to vote for the beleaguered party. That said, 25% of respondents would ‘rather not say’ or are ‘unsure’ who they would vote for at the next election. Jaguar dealers are clearly helping the luxury car company’s cause with 67% rating the last dealer they visited 4 or 5 out of 5. 46% said they felt ‘welcome,’ 33% ‘comfortable’ and 26% ‘appreciated.’ Jaguar owners were also happy to recommend their dealer but, tellingly, only 44% of them had their car serviced there ‘all the time’.    
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