Telescope is a car review YouTube channel based in Hong Kong and China, exclusively focusing on Chinese brand cars. However, in this particular episode, the channel shifts its focus to the performance of the European...
By DCB Editorial
July 16, 2024
YouTuber Kyle Engineers, a former Mercedes F1 aerodynamicist turned consultant, delves into the aerodynamic philosophy behind the Adrian Newey Red Bull RB17. Featuring an aerodynamic design akin to the Valkyrie, the critical focus lies in...
By DCB Editorial
July 15, 2024
It’s hard to believe that Brad Pitt is 60 years old; he looks half his age. Yet, he is starring in the new F1 movie, simply titled “F1.” Imaginative. Anyway, the story goes like this:...
By DCB Editorial
July 8, 2024
Video: The Real Reason The U.S. Doesn’t Want Chinese Electric Car Brands
By DCB Editorial
June 26, 2024
Imagine purchasing a fully electric BMW 3 Series saloon in the UK or USA for just $24,000. Now, imagine it being larger, with a leather interior and rear air suspension as standard. However, this latter...
By DCB Editorial
June 25, 2024
The headline figures for the new Bugatti Tourbillion are impressive: £3.2M, 276mph, and an undisclosed 0-62mph time (performance details are still forthcoming, sub 2.0seconds apparently). The Tourbillion replaces the outgoing Chiron. A Tourbillion is a...
By Dave Sorrendino
June 21, 2024