McLaren Boss Tells Button To Up His Game
Formula One
Jenson Button has been told by McLaren boss, Ron Dennis that he needs to “try harder” to help the team move up the grid and challenge for victories. Dennis is notoriously impatient and a hard task master, some one who lives only to taste victory. McLaren’s lack of pace during this season must be a source of embarrassment to Dennis who claimed that his team would be challenging for victories, but if these reports are correct then it spells the end of Jenson Button’s spell at McLaren. Or does it, this time of the year is called the crazy season in F1, crazy because a bunch of seasoned sports  journalists, with nothing to do other than twiddle their thumbs need to write copy and basically make things up. That’s why its called the crazy season because the rumors are never true unless its from Eddie Jordan mouth who is notoriously accurate with his predictions. In a recent interview Dennis said “In some ways you say ‘Great, we made a great choice with Kevin, and in other ways you say ‘Come on Jenson, you are a World Champion and absolutely one thing you can do on a consistent basis – and you should be doing it – is beating your team-mate’. “Do I want him to try harder? Of course I do. “He is a highly paid grand prix driver, and yes we are not giving him the best car, yes it would be challenging for him to win in this car to say the least, but he could do his bit, and Kevin’s got to make it as difficult for him as possible.” And as the crazy season begins to gather a swirl of rumors have been making the rounds, apparently Dennis wants to re-sign Alonso and maybe just maybe Lewis Hamilton, yup, its F1’s crazy season alright.
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