Adrian Newey Blasts Current F1 Regulations
Formula One
Adrian Newey will depart the hectic and demanding world of Formula One at the end of the season, a sport in which he has built up a formidable reputation as the leading F1 designer of his era and perhaps of all time. Newey designed cars have won multiple titles for Williams, McLaren and of course Red Bull, his cars always totally dominating the sport for years before new rules and regulations are introduced seemingly to halt the dominance of the latest Newey creation. Newey seems to spot loop holes in the regulations that others miss out and designs imaginative concepts that translate into unbeatable winning hardware and he has been doing this for the last 25 years. In an interview with Motorsport Magazine Newey brands the latest regulation changes as “restrictive” which place an emphasis on engine performance rather than aerodynamics, the latter being key to Newey’s winning formula. “I do think the regulations have become too restrictive, and we’re in danger, chassis-wise, of becoming GP1.” Newey said in the interview. Newey went on to outline why he is taking a step back from F1 “There have been a whole host of factors playing their parts in my decision to leave F1, and a lot of mixed emotions. I felt it was time to challenge myself in something different, and that’s certainly a factor.” In F1 designers come and go just like drivers and race teams, its the nature of the business. People like Newey are rare they come along once a generation.    Adrian-Newey-Red-Bull-Racing-2014
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