China’s Brilliance Auto’s Could Setup Italy Car Plant
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You may never heard of Chinese car manufacturer, Brilliance, and the name might make you LOL, but perhaps your assumptions on funny sounding Chinese car makers should be re-made. China is fast becoming a global player in the automotive manufacturing business, it took the western world 100 years to become global players it could take China less than 20 years. Indeed Chinese carmaker, Brilliance China Automotive Holdings, may well take over where Fiat has vacated, or has yet to officially vacate, by opening a car making production facility in Italy. Brilliance could take over and restructure Fiat’s former production plant in Termini Imerese, Sicily, the Italian government is actively pursuing Chinese backing after opening preliminary talks with board members within Brilliance during a recent visit to China. Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, who led the Italian delegation, said “They expressed a desire and they formalized a request, black on white, to open a structure in Italy,” Renzi said. “It’s clear that it needs to be seen whether they follow it up and whether they want to do it at Termini Imerese.” Italy is struggling to crawl out of  recession after facing years of economic stagnation, data released last week suggested that the Italian economy fell back into recession for the second quarter, the economy posted its 11th drop in the last 12 quarters as gross domestic product figures showed a 0.2 percent drop.  Brilliance-Autos
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