Ferrari LaFerrari Leads The New Era of Hypercars
The Supercar era is over, long live the new era of the Hypercar. They are faster, more powerful and house technology that would have been seen as science fiction even ten years ago. But the new breed of Hypercars are are facing the same old problem as any other limited production run model, hyper inflated premiums. Ferrari’s 950bhp hybrid Hypercar, the LaFerrari, is going for double its £1.2 million list price in the UK. Ferrari individually approve each buyer to ensure that the owners are not just buying to make a quick financial gain. The LaFerrari is limited to a production run of just 499 units. The McLaren P1 is also punching above its original list price and is commanding a £300,000 premium, not even the Porsche 918 Spyder is immune to desperate buyers who are willing to pay a £200,000 premium. McLaren-P1 “It’s a buying frenzy out there at the moment for Ferrari’s and nothing demonstrates that like the million-pound premiums we’re seeing for the LaFerrari,” said Oracle Finance managing director Peter Brook. “When you look at the prices of the Enzo, the exclusive Hypercar that went before it, that has doubled in recent years from the £400,000 list price to close to £1m now. But despite that rise even we were shocked at the premium buyers are prepared to pay for the LaFerrari.” Rather mysteriously Oracle also said that the Porsche Macan, which is not a Hypercar, is commanding a £6,000 premium, who the hell would want to do that, if that’s you then just buy an Audi Q5, they are basically the same thing.  Ferrari-La-Ferrari-Premium
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