How To Setup An F1 Grand Prix Car – Belgium Grand Prix
Formula One
Lotus F1 team engineers detail how they go about setting up the E22 for the Belgium Grand Prix race track, albeit in rather lay terms so as not to release the actual secret recipe.  FRONT WING We use comparably more front wing here compared to lower speed tracks to help diminish understeer in the high speed corners. REAR WING In lots of ways Spa is the ultimate challenge for the aerodynamics.You need good straight-line speed, however good levels of downforce are also needed for the combination of fast and medium speed corners, particularly in sector two. Although very different in nature, we run a similar level of rear wing to Montreal. SUSPENSION This is primarily a high speed circuit and there isn’t much use of the kerbs, so suspension is tailored to high speed balance rather than low speed travel. BRAKES Spa is not hugely demanding on brakes. The temperatures are rarely high and there are just three major stopping points (La Source, Les Combes and Bus Stop). TYRES Spa is a big challenge for the rubber. Apart from the notoriously fickle weather in the Ardennes region the loads on the tyres are significant. Supplied by Pirelli for this weekend are the medium (white) and soft (yellow), the same combination as at the last race in Hungary. POWER UNIT Spa is perhaps the biggest challenge of the season for the Power Unit. With long periods of flat out throttle, including the 25secs from La Source to Les Combes, the demands on the power unit are significant, as is the fuel consumption which will be perhaps the highest of the season to date. Energy recovery will be relatively routine at Spa with the abundance of fast, sweeping corners. Lotus-F1-Setup-Map-Belgian-Grand-Prix  source: Lotus F1 Team  Lotus-F1-Setup-Belgian-Grand-Prix
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