Jaguar Special Operations In Stunning Mission Creep
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Its taken them just over 50 years but finally the lazy arsed workers at Jaguar have completed the first step in producing the remaining production of 6 lightweight E-type competition cars. Originally intended for a 1963 production run, the 18-car ‘Special GT E-type’ project was then capped to 12 cars but for one reason or another only 6 were finally completed. Jaguar-E-Type-Forn-Side-View Now Jaguar has rolled up its collective sleeves and has revealed a prototype of its classic Lightweight E-type, its a way of saying ‘look at us, see what we can do!” its effectively car zero and will probably end up in Jaguars private collection. The final 6 will be built by hand in Jaguars Special Operations facility housed within the newly created Jaguar Heritage division. Jaguar Land Rovers Special Operations unit is designated to maintaining and restoring classic Jaguars and the Lightweight E-type will be the first recreation to roll out of Jaguar Heritage. Jaguar-E-Type-Rear-Interiror Jaguar Heritage have used the engine from the XK to replicate the original aluminium block, ‘wide angle’ aluminium cylinder head and dry sump lubrication. The Lightweight E-Type is constructed entirely from aluminium and to exacting standards say Jaguar. The cars will be sold as period competition vehicles and all will be suitable for FIA homologation for historic motorsport purposes. You can bet these unique examples will be snapped up by collectors and could fetch at least £200,00 a piece. Jaguar-E-Type-Rear-Side-View This is a closing of the E-type circle in many ways but it is also a promotion for Jaguar Heritage, a showcase of what this new division within JLR can do.  Jaguar-E-Type-Side-View
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