Kia Pro Cee’d The Next Generation, An Enterprising Giant Leap
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Model spec: Kia Pro CEE'D Se Eco Dynamics Price: £19,595.00 Engine: 1.6 4-cyl Turbo Diesel
BHP / Torque: 126 / 260 Max Speed: 122 CO2: 100g/km 0-62mph: 5.5 seconds
Economy/Range: 47mpg combined Tax: £0/year
Its all change for the Kia Pro Cee’d the second generation, 5 door hatch was completely revised in 2012 and 2013 saw the introduction of the all new three door version, the Pro Cee’d Coupe. So far removed from the first generation Pro Cee’d, the second gen isn’t a mere, giant leap over its predecessor its light years ahead. The exterior styling is eye catching, automotive designers will talk about B-pillars and rear haunches, the public reaction is a big thumbs up. The biggest leap by far is the interior and lets face it that’s where we as motorists spend most of our time. Gone is the rickety feel of the old interior, now its on par with Audi or BMW. Its not just about ergonomics or piano black inserts, its about the ‘feel’, from the solid build quality to use of better materials and that tactile sensation of being cosseted and insulated from the outside world. This European ‘flavor’ is very deliberate because the Pro Cee’d has been designed and engineered in Germany to meet European tastes and expectations. The Pro Cee’d is available in two trim levels, S & SE and is powered by either a diesel or petrol both 1.6 litre, 4 cylinder units. All models get a six speed manual gearbox, or the optional twin clutch DCT transmission and all models get intelligent stop & go. As usual for Kia equipment levels are very generous, prices start from £17k for entry level models and up to £20k for the top spec SE. The Pro Cee’d sits on the same platform as its bigger five door brother Cee’d but is actually 40mm lower, that small difference doesn’t impact upon interior space up front and the rear seats can accommodate all but the very tallest of individuals. If you like boot space then the standard 380 litre’s might come in handy.
“he Pro Cee’d is a transformational car, in the same way Barrack Obama was for the US, but the Kia Pro Cee’d is change you can actually believe in.”
Want more space? then fear not for your prayer’s have been answered, when the 60:40 split rear seats are lowered 1,230 Litre’s more space is revealed. The 1.6 Litre diesel engine is fine by modern standards, it may be a decibel louder than the very best, and others may be just slightly smoother but overall its job done. Conversely its modestly powered, 133bhp and 164Nm has to carry additional bulk borne from an increase in size and weight to cater for stringent crash safety regulations, an ever demanding consumer and overall better build quality due to the use of higher tensile steel, that’s thicker steel to you and I. Straightline performance feels sluggish although mid-range torque has just enough punch for those occasional, must need overtake moments. The electric steering feels a lot better and more natural than the 1st gen, you no longer have to make constant micro adjustments meaning you have a much more relaxed motorway cruiser. But don’t expect a steering calibrated for driving dynamics. The Pro Cee’d is for every day living, the ride comfortable, the handling (capable as it is) nothing more than a mere side show. Even the gearbox feels better to use than the old model, the toy like feel is gone, replaced by a much crisper action. The economy of 47mpg is excellent although it should be noted some rivals with 2.0 litre diesels can do 50 plus. However if you go for the entry level Pro Cee’d S Diesel manual then you have a car that is rated at just 100 g/km which translates into no annual road tax and no congestion charge. Kia are clearly aiming at the premium end of the scale and may have have tipped the balance towards their favour. You won’t find many premium cars offering a seven year warranty, notice I keep on repeating the word premium, watch out Audi that’s all I can say. Overall the Pro Cee’d is a transformational car, in the same way Barrack Obama was for the US, but the Kia Pro Cee’d is change you can actually believe in.  Kia-Pro-Ceed-Gallery-A
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