SEAT’s Specialist Cupra Turns To Performance Pack Indulgence
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Plucky little Spanish car ‘giant’ SEAT has launched a new performance pack for the Leon CUPRA 280. Unsurprisingly they called it the Sub8 Performance Pack. If the SEAT’s, very own VW Golf inspired, Leon Cupra wasn’t good enough for you then consider the optional Sub8 pack, it’s effectively nothing more than window dressing which adds specially designed 19-inch alloys, in black or orange, side skirts and bigger therefore higher performance brakes for £2,025. And if you really want to go for that street racer cred then for another £460 you can add semi-slick Michelin tyres. Also available are optional sport bucket seats, finished in black Alcantara, with white accents. This adds a further £1,250 pound outlay, but includes heated seats and a headlight washer system. The only free addition is the Curpa logo slapped all over the shop. Two exterior colors will be on offer, called Black-Line and White-line with a further shade called Orange-Line (original!) which will make an appearance on the options list in December. The Cupra is a front-wheel drive hot hatch capable of maxing the 0-62 dash in under six seconds, its powered by the same 2.0-litre, in-line 4-cylinder, turbo-charged engine found in the VW Golf GTi. The Cupra produces 276 bhp and has a decent walking pace of 155mph. It costs £27,240. Is that too much to pay for a SEAT? Added all up that’s over £3k of optional extras, you could get a decent used banger (car) for that much, we say the SEAT Leon Cupra, available as a three or five door model, is already expensive and therefore good enough. But it really is a specialist in the hot hatch market.  Seat-Leon-Cupra-SC
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