Volvo’s Flame Thrower Is Passionate Riposte To Rivals
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Quick Facts
Model spec: Volvo S60 D5, R-Design Start/Stop Price: £32,645.00 Engine: 2.4 5-Cyl Turbo Diesel
BHP / Torque: 215 / 420 Max Speed: 143 CO2: 119g/km 0-62mph: 7.3 seconds
Economy/Range: 49mpg combined Tax: £30/year

The inconvenient truth for BMW 3 Series fanboys is that Volvo S60 owners have a higher household income. And if you are a last-generation Mercedes C Class owner then forget about it, the S60 in any trim level is better, ok when this review was written it didn’t take into account the new 2014 C Class but ignorance is bliss.


The S60 may not have the C Class’s superior ride but it’s better inside and out. Style, and build quality it’s just better. In my opinion. But that new C Class does look swanky. And if you own an Audi A4, you guys used to be good man but you ended up tailing gating to infinity. ‘Ahem’. The S60 is available in 5 trim levels and features a range of four petrol and three diesel engines.


For 2014 the S60 gets a revised exterior, much of which is new though you wouldn’t notice except for the headlights which now better complement the exterior design. For many motoring journalists, it’s purely about the steering, (for some inexplicable reason), which quite often is a narrow-minded UK-only approach.


For Volvo its also about the details and finish and they do this better than rival brands. Take the S60 R-Design, the finish on the leather steering wheel is exceptional and then there is the satin finish on the metal surfaces which again feels like you’re stroking an otherworldly material.


Quote:“Motoring journalists will say go for a lower spec version which in their self-glorfiying and smug opinion may be more cost effective from a consumer’s perspective. But who the hell ever listens to motoring journalists, we say no car should be run like the NHS so R-Design is the spec to go for.”


R-Design trim level offers plenty of kit. DAB Radio/broadcasting Sat/Nav, Adaptive Cruise Control, Blind Spot, Full leather interior, heated front seats, and driver safety technology such as the Blind Spot Warning Indicator which are just a few of the toys on offer.


Power is sourced from a 2.4 litre, 5-cylinder turbo diesel, in truth it’s a little noisy and slightly unrefined at low revs but floor the throttle and a charismatic rumble-roar take over. However, 215bhp and 420Nm of torque provide plenty of power which is flexible and easy to tap into thanks to a snappy six-speed manual gearbox.


R-Design also gets uprated suspension and 17 inch, low profile alloys, in this spec the S60 rides and handles with composed certainty, the steering provides good feedback and is well-weighted and judged, its the type of chassis that gives you confidence and brings sunlight where there is darkness.


The S60 is also spacious for all despite its compact class designation. However, the boot falls short of providing class leading space with the seats upright or folded flat but it doesn’t matter as an overall package the S60 just about works. Motoring journalists will say go for a lower spec version which in their view may be more cost-effective and the S60 Resign’s low emissions make it so. But whoever listens to motoring journalists, we say no car should be run like the NHS so R-Design is the spec to go for.

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