From Barn Find to Impressive Ride – A Few Fantastic Finds
While it may be surprising to some, vehicles often get left and forgotten. What would have once been a striking example of a vehicle could have been left to rot in a barn, garage or storage unit somewhere. It is every enthusiast’s dream to find such a vehicle, remove it from its remote home and take it out on the open road once again. Restoring such a vehicle isn’t going to be easy, but it isn’t going to be impossible. Thanks to advances in engineering there are now ever more ways in which you can bring a vehicle back to its former glory. Even if you struggle to find replacement parts for a barn find, engineering processes such as swaging mean it is getting easier and easier to have pattern parts produced. If you are an enthusiast keen to get your hands on a gem of a barn find, get some inspiration and read on to see our top 5 finds. Two BMW E30 M3s, a Ford RS200 and a Mercedes 190E 2.5-16 Evo II Two BMW E30 M3s with delivery miles only, an unregistered Mercedes 190E 2.5-16 Evo II and a Ford RS200 make up an epic barn find that is essentially the ‘80s represented in cars. BMW-E30 A man going only by the name of “Mark” from Swansea in Wales found himself the proud owner of these classics in 2009 after meeting the previous owner at the 2009British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Mercedes-190E “Mark” was given first refusal after discovering the previous owner, who had bought the M3s for his sons as investments, decided it was time to sell up.  An epic ‘80s find! Not just one find, but 200 of them More recently, VanDerBrink Auctions has managed to discover a barn find of epic proportions, consisting of not just one vehicle, but 200 of them! Earlier this year the Minnesota based auction house came across this massive collection at a former dealership and restoration business in Nebraska.Amongst the auction catalogue, which runs to 121 pages, are gems such as a restored 1967 Pontiac GTO coupe and a restored 1937 Diamond T pick up plus boats, camper vans and all kinds of parts going right back to the 1930s. 1967-Pontiac-GTO If you’re a Nebraska state resident or this haul has taken your fancy, head over to Grant, Nebraska on September 6th to see the auction in full swing. One man’s barn hoard – for sale Over in North Carolina, USA, one man has decided to sell everything from an impressive hoard which has spent the last few years collecting dust (and a lot of it). This impressive hoard includes a little bit of everything with a Triumph Spitfire, Barracuda, a white Mustang and an unusual Oldsmobile Starfire all stashed away in the barn. Triumph-Spitfire It must be said that the cars in the barn haven’t been looked after as well as they could have been, however the barn has done a good job of protecting them from the worst of the elements. Whilst the owner is keen to sell, a distrust of the internet has meant he only wishes to sell to those visiting his barn. Find out more about this hoard here. (source: www.techniswage.co.uk)  5-Car-Barn-finds
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