Salon Prive 2014

When we attended last year’s Salon Prive, the particular days’ weather was so ominous that even the ducks were flying out of the grounds of Syon Park.

The clouds grew grayer that day and predictably the rain clouds opened up, those ducks ought to have stayed a while longer because a slight downpour isn’t enough to dampen the average day at Salon Prive.

The event is held in the grounds of Syon Park Estate, a little bit of England’s green and pleasant land buried away in the heart of busy West London.


The 2014 event has already been held, it typically runs from 3-5th September it’s a luxury motorshow for the well-heeled and well connected of London’s society indeed any society earning enough to pay for the £234 entry ticket, it’s £90 for the afternoon ticket.


Think of the Salon Prive as the Royal Ascot of Supercar Shows, but without the lewd drunkenness of the masses, its full of motoring exotica from the latest Ferrari, bespoke Ferrari’s, Bentley’s, Rolls Royce and one section of the show is devoted to Classic cars for those who yearn for the good old days.


The show has become a launch platform for auto companies looking to sell their latest offering such as the Overfinch Range Rover Sport, an £87k bespoke version of the 3.0-litre diesel HSE version.


The three day event even has a Royal Ascot style Ladies Day on every second day, its a way of “de-bloke-ing” the masculine world of motoring shows.

(photography by Alicia Tibbs)

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