Autonomous Car Future Draws Closer
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This is the stuff of nightmares if you are a keen driver, petrol head, pedal too the metal fantasist. Self driving cars are no fantasy, they are now a reality as demonstrated by Audi and its fully automated A7 Sportback. Audi let loose two Rs 7 performance brutes around a track in northern Germany. In a pre-publicity demonstration, one of the RS 7’s was driven by a human the other without to see which was the fastest. Its our sad duty to report the fully driverless car won, by five seconds. Driverless cars are the next technology automakers are looking to add to the options list, self parking technology is already available. Audi’s demonstration was in part to give governmental regulators an insight into the power of this technology and ultimately to verify its safety. The technology is a few years from being approved and could form the basis for an lucrative market valued at around $87 billion dollars by 2030, car makers are understandably developing the technology at breakneck speed. Mercedes have already tested a fully autonomous S Class on public roads in Germany, the C Class has a Stop&Go Pilot that is able to steer itself, match the speed of the car in front and come to a complete stop, its similar to Volvo’s radar guided cruise control which provides the exact same function. California Legislators recently gave the go ahead for Mercedes and Audi to begin pilot tests on State roads. Audi will again be showing the driverless RS 7 at the Hockenheim ring on Friday October 17th where it will complete a lap around the racetrack during the course of the final round of Germany’s Touring Car Championship.    Audi-RS7-Pilot
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