Why F1 Puts Ruthlessness Before Danger
Formula One
While Jules Bianchi remains in grave condition at an intensive care unit following his horrifying crash during the Japanese Grand Prix two weeks ago, the F1 community has come together in an outpouring of support for the 25 year old French driver. Sadly the collision involving Bianchi and a stationary mobile tractor crane, under difficult weather conditions, may well end up claiming the life of the 25 year old Frenchman who was participating in his second F1 season with Marussia. There have been many reports, mostly inaccurate, and others written to fill the ever demanding news cycle just for the sake of filling empty column space. The FIA is still compiling a report on the accident, but this hasn’t stopped a few media outlets firing off rounds blame, first upon the FIA and apparently now on Jules Bianchi himself. The new theory being passed around is that, during difficult wet weather conditions and under waved double yellow flags, Bianchi failed to proceed with caution and therefore slow down and this may have been a precipitating cause to Bianchi’s crash. An understandably angry Marussia team issued a statement “Jules did slow down under the double waved yellow flags,” added the statement. “That is an irrefutable fact, as proven by the telemetry data, which the team has provided to the FIA. “Charlie Whiting, the FIA’s race director, confirmed that the team had provided such data, that he himself had examined this data and that Jules did slow.” Whatever the cause of Bianchi’s crash, despite a new era of safety precaution’s within the sport, accident’s will and do happen. It seems the FIA acted with integrity during the race at Suzuka, lesson’s will and must be learned. Meanwhile the F1 show must go on, and it will, soon Bianchi will become a footnote, like many drivers before, and a new race weekend will begin, this season and the next and thereafter. The drivers for thier part have taken steps to show support, they feel for Bianchi’s plight, he is one of them and they could have been him. The sport has never been safer and it will continue to learn to become safer still. Showing support with stickers isn’t going to change anything, however well meaning. The culture, the very nature of F1 is to face danger out on the track, to gain points, earn wins, to become the best and share in the lucrative spoils that success breeds, Bianchi’s unfortunate crash will soon be lesson learnt, until the next incident. This is the ruthless side of Formula One from the drivers to the team, it is an unwritten acceptance of fear, the demands of commercialism and the overriding will to win that will always take priority. It doesn’t seem logical to face these risks in a risk averse society but the fact is the risks are there for all to see.  Jules-Bianchi-2014
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