I’m Hero Super Kaido Racer Very Fast Excitingly Nice
We do have issues with modifying, chief among those issues are the thousands spent on the pointless rear wings and what not. Why go to all that sweat and grime when you can buy a decent run around for the same price. Still this is the culture of car modifying, to stand out from the drudgery. Japan, like many country’s around the world, has its home grown version. One of them is known as “Kaido Racer” literally meaning highway racer and these guys go for the most outlandish mod’s their imagination can imagine. The modifying isn’t designed to improve the car for the Kaido Racer its all about the veni, vidi, vici. These guy’s would never qualify for WCOTW because the Kaido Racer is deliberately sabotaging the very essence of modifying. Tough guys in headbands and pink cars should never be taken too seriously no matter how seriously they take themselves.  Japanese-Car-Culture
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