The Volvo 240 Pickup Concept

Thanks to our friend Theophilus Chin we can now visualise the Volvo that never was but should have been but is now just a has-been. The Volvo 240 Pickup, rendered by our Malaysian bud and self confessed automotive manipulator.

The 240 was made from 1974 too 1993 and sold over 2.3 million units during its production run and these things could probably cover that range in miles without breaking a sweat. It was as tough as old boots and the pride and joy of middle management worldwide during its peak.

This post isn’t going to dwell on the historical aspects of the 240, for example, the 240 used VW engines from 1979 onwards. The 240 was available in a saloon or estate versions and was the envy of suburban curtain twitchers the world over.

There are reportedly around 4,000 240’s left, although the Pickup rendering is the art of imagination combined with Photoshop, people are actually making pickups out the 240 estate. There is still life in the old dog after all.

Volvo-240-Pickup-Red  Volvo-240-Pickup
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