The Lethal Weapon AMG C63 V8 Bi-Turbo
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Every Mercedes model must have an AMG version so its not too surprising to see the new C Class get the AMG makeover, and this time it’s personal. Gone is the normally aspirated 6.2-litre V8 and in is the 4.0-litre V8 bi-turbo. This is the evidence we have so far, Mercedes have shoe-horned a mighty V8 bi-turbo into the C-Class engine bay, they say the usual things, its lighter, smaller, more powerful and 32 percent more efficient. Mercede-AMG-C63-Rear-View Great. But this is what we want to know, the 4.0-litre, V8 twin turbo powerplant comes in two variants. The standard AMG C63 has 476bhp and 650 Nm of torque, covers the 0-62mph dash in 4.1 second and reaches a governed top speed of 155mph. The second variant, the AMG C63 S has 510bhp and 700Nm of torque and can reach the 0-62 mph dash in … 4.0 seconds. That’s one tenth quicker. Both variants come in estate versions too and are dressed to impress in beefy AMG body styling kits. The AMG C63 uses what Mercedes call a unique suspension setup. The front features a four-link suspension and a wider track to improve front end stability. Mercede-AMG-C63-Interior The rear uses AMG Ride Control, an electronically controlled three stage damper system with attributable comfort settings. The standard AMG C63 is fitted with a mechanical locking rear differential, the AMG C63 S uses an electronic interpretation. The standard AMG C63 will ride on 18-inch alloy wheels while the S variant gains 19-inch alloys. A new braking system uses 390 mm discs at the front and 360 mm at the rear with the option of enhanced ceramic discs available for track-orientated driving. Mercede-AMG-C63-Saloon Mercedes have fitted a heavily revised AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-speed transmission which is said to offer significantly improved shifts. On many levels the AMG 63 marks the beginning of the end of the naturally aspirated “V” engine era and the beginning of the “V” powered turbo era, this shift to turbo power is to cover the car industry’s arse when it comes to meeting strict emission’s regulations, turbo engines are simply less polluting. Mercede-AMG-C63-Estate The AMG C63 is available to order in the UK now, pricing is expected to cost circa £55k, the estate will command a £2k premium, deliveries are scheduled for early 2015 with the estate version available one month later.  Mercede-AMG-C63-Track-Shot
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