Lister Wants To Create Fresh Storm With Hypercar Concept
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Lister Cars may well not be known to you, the company began life in the 1950’s using Jaguar D-Type racing components to build their own sports cars and wining various race championships of the period. You may be familiar with the 1995 Lister Storm, a racing car built by Lister which competed in the FIA GT Championship and used the largest V12 engine since the second World War. Lister have gone through a rollercoster of financial fortunes over the years, in 2013 the company was purchased by Warrantywise and relaunched. The Cambridgeshire based company now builds the 1958 Lister Jaguar Knobbly brand new and to the original specification for road or race use. Production of the Lister Knobbly is limited to six cars per year, however Lister has already secured nine orders totaling £3 million in 12 months, each unit costs, roughly, over £300k. Lister-Hypercar-B Now Lister want to expand into building a new generation Hypercar and this, as yet un-named, Lister concept is a view into their proposed future. No details have emerged about the type of powerplant to be used, these days hypercars have at least 1,000 bhp, use hybrid “entrails” and cost in the region of £450k and beyond. Whether this concept will come into fruition is another matter, Lister are actively seeking fresh investment to build the hypercar. So one can see this concept sketch as a “cry for help” for any billionaire with deep pockets and a passion for motor racing.  Lister-Hypercar-A
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