Next Gen Porsche Panamera To Be Designer Friendly
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Porsche have admitted what every one else has been thinking out loud, the Panamera is the ugly duckling of the range, however this hasn’t stopped the ugly duckling from notching up over 100k of units sold so far. Speaking to a motoring website Porsche’s CEO, Matthias Muller, gave an insight to the next generation Panamera’s styling. “There have been some small mistakes and we will do it better, for example the design could be better,” Muller also criticised the interior and said it must be improved upon. Porsche-Panamera-2015-B Thing’s don’t look too promising, the original Panamera designer, Michael Mauer, will be overseeing the next generation design. “I am sure a lot of people won’t like the design of the next generation. And that’s fine by me. I would prefer to have cars and products that polarize rather than being just okay. I think that’s the worst thing for a product. And the new Panamera I am sure there will still be people that don’t like it,” Mauer said. Mauer also revealed that the next generation Panamera will have a more coupe like roofline, he explained “You have to recognize it is the new one, but as well recognize that it is the successor. So the car will look different, it will look better, but you will immediately see that it is the Panamera,” The all new Panamera is expected to be revealed in 2015 and will go on sale by early 2016. Details are admittedly sketchy, the chassis is expected to use the MSB platform (Modular Standard Architecture) which will also form the basis of next generation Bentley’s and Lamborghini’s.  Porsche-Panamera-2015
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