Jolly Rally is Jolly Dangerous Spectator Sport
We should be using click-bait terms like awesome, epic, insane or 10 reasons why you shouldn’t watch a rally or shoot our self’s in the foot, any thing to gain publicity or good search engine rankings. But this video shows why rallying is dangerous for both participant and spectator alike. The event is The Jolly Rally Valle d’Aosta which was being held in northern Italy over the weekend and this spectacular crash is the main reason why this little known rally hit the headlines. As the driver rounds the  corner a little too fast, the Renualt Clio Super 1600 under-steers at speed, mount’s a wall and is launched into the air, straight as an arrow, into the path of spectators sitting on the grassy knoll ahead. The front end of the car then catches the grass embankment and flips towards the onlookers who swiftly make moves to evade the by now somersaulting car. Fortunately the spectators moved out of the way in time, one or two were missed by the narrowest of margins. Both drivers escaped unhurt, the rally cars safety cell doing its job, the Renault Clio Super 1600 was reduced to a shadow of its former self.  rallynado-2014
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