Twins, The Jaguar XK & Mercedes AMG GT
When Mercedes revealed the SLS successor we thought that’s interesting, then as we became familiar with the exterior look we couldn’t help but feel we have seen it all before. Some people say that about this website, but moving onto the point in question, we started to see hints of the Jaguar XK in the AMG-GT especially when comparing rear view photos side by side. Mercedes-AMG-GT-2014-Desert-View In fact the two blend into one another when viewing images side by side so much so that it seems the Mercedes designer may have taken some styling cues from the Jag XK. Jaguar-XK After all when Mercedes launched the first generation CLS company bosses wanted to create their very own “German” Jaguar and it seems as if our cousins have used a little inspiration from Jag again. If only we British could emulate the German’s World Cup wining success that could right a lot of wrongs. We say “com’on-me-son” you say “ya!”  Jaguar-Xk-vs-Mercedes-AMG-GT
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