UK’s Worst Performing Car Is A Frankenstein Mashup
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Car warranty providers, the aptly named Warranty Direct, have named and shamed the least reliable cars in the UK by creating their very own Frankenstein (Photoshoped) worst-performing car in the form of a mashup. The automotive specialist analysed its 50,000 policies by combining various categories via its measuring tool the Reliability Index. The least or rather worst/most unreliable cars were extracted into this Photoshop monster, it consists of the suspension from the Audi RS6, the V10 engine from BMW’s M5 and the gearbox of a Jeep Cherokee. The main offenders appear to be European, the mashup also includes the shoddy electrics of a Mercedes R Class, the braking system of the Fiat Multipla, Air conditioning from the Seat Alhambra and the steering from the Chrysler 300C. This reliability nightmare has a name, its called the Horrific 40RR0R, its a visual reliability score showing the worst automotive offenders in each of Warranty Direct’s mechanical category. For example almost two fifths of Audi RS6s’ require a repair to the axle and suspension each year, 1 in every 10 Mercedes R Class sold will suffer from electrical faults. The Horrfic 40RR0R mashup is listed below:
Make and Model Car part Range
BMW M5 Engine (04 – 11)
Audi RS6 Axle and Suspension (02 – 11)
Jeep Grand Cherokee Gearbox (06 – )
Mercedes-Benz R-Class Electrics (04 – )
Fiat Multipla Braking system (99 – 05)
SEAT Alhambra Air-conditioning (96 – )
Chrysler 300C Steering system (05 – )
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