Honda NSX Prototype Blasted Around Nurburgring
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It hasn’t been a good few months for the Honda NSX prototype, it caught fire after testing at the Nurburgring back in July. It appears that what ever caused the problem is no longer a problem as another camouflaged prototype was spotted “giving it some” around the Nurburgring late October. This time the weather conditions were cooler and wetter which allowed testing to go relatively smoothly, its not uncommon for high performance cars to go up in smoke during a busy testing cycle. Better do it while testing than have it let go when it goes on sale, and that’s the whole point of testing so you the buyer don’t have to discover faults. Unless your a Mercedes E Class owner, with Piezo Injector problems on a 2010 250CDi. Sorry I trailed off there. The NSX was revealed in concept glory at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, lets hope Honda finish testing soon because its expected to go on sale during the second half of 2015. Honda-NSX-Concept-2012 Honda were expecting to go head to head with the Nissan GT-R and the Corvette Z06 but have seemingly changed course and are now aiming their sights at a tougher more potent crowd such as the Porsche 911 GT3, McLaren 12C and Ferrari 458. These are just rumors so far, however with Honda making a return to Formula One next year as official engine supplier’s to McLaren its sure to want to cash in on the marketing fallout the sport brings to the table. The NSX could feature a twin-turbo V6 hybrid which would fit nicely into the whole equation of F1 success = Honda NSX chi-ching.  Honda-NSX-Proto-2014
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