Lotus F1 Retain Romain Grosjean for 2015
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Romain Grosjean has retained his seat with Lotus F1 for 2015, the 28 year old Frenchman will enter his 4th season with Lotus. Grosjean did have the option of leaving because the team didn’t meet certain performance clauses such as regular podium finishes. Its been a difficult year for the Lotus camp compared to the last, Grosjean said “It’s no secret that we’ve had a really tough season this year, but the team has remained focused and we’re all determined to return to regular points-scoring in 2015,” Grosjean’s career began in a negative fashion, the young upstart had a series of first lap crashes during his first F1 campaign which continued sporadically in the next. However at the back end of the 2013 season he suddenly found the form he had promised and delivered a string of mature drives peppered with natural speed and race craft. This didn’t stop Mark Webber calling Grosjean a “first-lap nutcase” at the time. The drivers market for next season has very nearly been settled, one final part of the jigsaw is still waiting to be placed. The Fernando Alonso puzzle is a “unknown, known, unknown” open secret. Fernando-Alonso-Jigsaw It is widely believed that Alonso has signed to re-join McLaren F1, the two had a cyclonic falling out during his only season with the outfit back in 2007. Back then it was Alonso’s dream to partner with such an iconic name in F1, but things turned sour when the Spaniard believed Ron Dennis had back-tracked on a agreement to be the teams number one driver. The arrival of Lewis Hamilton seemingly changed everything and Alonso left in a “quite storm” to join Ferrari in 2010 after two seasons with Renault, only to leave the Italian squad under another “quite storm” after four years with no drivers championship to his name. Now on the verge of re-joining McLaren it seems that his new-old team have not confirmed any driver line up for 2015. Neither the current pairing of Jenson Button or Kevin Magnussen have been re-signed. jenson-Button-vs-Kevin-Magnussen And McLaren have just announced they will be delaying their 2015 driver decision until December 1st. It is widely believed that Ron Dennis wants to keep the younger, 22 year old Kevin Magnussen, however Alonso might well be keen to retain the 2009 World Champion, Jenson Button, and this is one reason why there has been a further delay. McLaren F1 released a statement via twitter, “We know you’re awaiting news on our driver line-up. We’ll announce after 1 December – you’ll hear it here first.” The other reason for McLaren’s delay is most probably due to the timing of sponsorship agreements and termination clauses that will come into effect as well as residual payments for the ending of such agreements early. Right now Alonso holds the cards while Button and Magnussen are mere pawns in the drivers market merry-go-round.  Romain-Grosjean-Lotus-2015
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