Mercedes G-Code Concept Is Mobile Solar Panel
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For Mercedes it seems as though the GLA crossover isn’t small enough for the premium luxury car maker as it plans an assault on the compact SUV sector with the release of the G-Code concept. The G-Code concept was created by Mercedes’ Chinese based design studio, its a way of integrating its brand values into the culture of modern China, inspirational publicity is always a seller. Mi casa tu casa, as the saying goes. The concept always reveals some future technology, the entire vehicle is coated in a “multi-voltaic” nano based paint and is designed to act like a heat sink, a solar panel. Mercedes-G-Code-Concept-Interior Energy creation isn’t limited to the solar absorbing paint, when in motion the airflow is also converted into an electrical charge even the kenetic energy of the suspension is converted into power. So the theory goes. The concept’s powertrain is apparently a turbocharged hydrogen unit that powers the front wheels with electric motors powering the rear wheels. Whether the G-Code concept is an ambition or fruition remains to be seen, the compact SUV market is the goldmine every car maker wants to dig up and get rich from right now. Mercedes-G-Code-Concept-Rear The G-Code or rather a production friendly version of it will be made quite possibly in the next two years. Information is a bit sketchy right now.  Mercedes-G-Code-Concept-Front
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