Mini Causes Big Headaches As US Sales Fall
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Mini have been left scratching their heads as their completely re-freshed Mini has fallen out of favor with US buyers.  Sales were stalling during 2013 and new data suggests that US sales are down by 20 percent through October. Management have suggested that the slump is due to a changeover between the old and new model. Mini aims to sell as many as 100k units per year by 2020, sales peaked at 62k last year, the Mini brand has been on sale in the US since 2002. Mini will be introducing new models and discontinuing the Paceman, Roadster and Coupe at future dates. The four-door Mini is one such model the company is introducing and are placing a priority it and a larger, redesigned Countryman. Mini has toned down some of the quirky features of the previous generation Hatch, gone is the circular speedometer cluster and in is a more mainstream approach. This new approach hasn’t been welcomed by fan’s, one owner said on Mini’s facebook page, “The new Mini is awful! The interior stinks of BMW design. It looks like crap. Everybody loved the center speedo, why remove that?” There are two schools of thought as to why Mini is causing itself a headache, the new re-designed Hatch no longer appeals to its core buyer and the other is Mini needs to improve its national marketing campaign. Mini is making bigger strides and will be spending more on TV advertising campaigns during 2015, analysts believe the subcompact market in the US is small and may have reached critical mass. Mini are banking on the foor Hatch door and revised Countryman to spearhead its US assault in a hope to counter any pending losses.  Mini-US-Sales-Slump
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