Mini Set To Create Superhero After Big Cull
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Mini has grown to a point where it has become too big, so thinks Parent company BMW. Mini currently offers eight models and plans to reduce this number to five. Part of this plan will see the ending of the Paceman, Coupe and Roadster. The long term plan is too focus on what Mini executives refer to as “superhero” cars which includes the derivative of the hatchback, Countryman and Clubman. Both the Countryman and Clubman will be completely revised for 2015. Mini’s desire is basic, less models, particularly niche models, means more profits. Mini’s brand chief Peter Schwarzenbauer, said recently “Like a superhero, each of these cars has its own personality and unique capabilities. It is important to find the right balance between growth, on the one hand, and profitability, on the other.” Mini is facing competition with cheaper and more robust competitors who offer more equipment equal driving thrills and then there is competition from premium brands such as the Audi A1, this is eroding into Mini’s overall sales goals. By going for for mass market appeal and lessening the burden on niche cars such as the Roadster and coupe Mini hopes to rake in the cash. Mini is also preparing an electric car and this could be based on the Supperleggera concept revealed this year although it is unclear when this will be launched, Mini has vaguely confirmed it by simply saying “soon”. Mini-Superleggera Mini sold a record number of cars last year, 305k, and the revised strategy is anticipated to increase the sales trend upwards although US sales have slowed.  
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