Peugeot 106 Driver Challenges Supercar Parade With Mighty Squeak
This grainy video was taken on a cell phone 2 years ago which excuses away just how far smartphone technology has come.  That still doesn’t mean we will discount grainy old YT clips, in this video a supercar parade is passing through a typical picturesque town in England, we believe its somewhere in Leicestershire. Although we could be wrong. The location doesn’t matter, its the plucky little Peugeot 106 driver following this group that steals the show as he tries to match this exotic elite of supercar kings, only its a rather heroic if pathetic attempt. Even though the 106 driver is outgunned in the horsepower stakes its heroic nonetheless, in the minds eye of the 106 owner only. This is not epic its epic embarrassment.  Peugeot-106-vs-Supercars
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