2015 F1 Season To Host A Record 21 Races
Formula One
The 2015 Formula One race season has been set at a record 21 races by the sports governing body, the FIA. The Korean Grand Prix could be reinstated to the calendar but it currently holds a provisional status for 3rd May. The controversial double points system will be abandoned the FIA confirmed. You may be wondering why there are so many races now in one season, its all to do with money earned from television rights and fees associated with hosting a race. The basic commercial formula is, the more races you host the more money you make per race and cities around the world are prepared to pay Bernie Ecclestone what ever he demands. Other F1 News: Sebastian Vettel made a low key debut for Ferrari last weekend and completed 100 laps at Ferrari’s private test track at the Fiorano circuit in a 2012 spec F1 race car. It was organised to allow Vettel to acclimatise to his new team and environment, he later said, “Obviously it’s been a fantastic day to come here,” “I remember I’ve been here a long time ago as a little child, driving through Maranello and trying to look over the fence, so to be here officially as part of the team felt fantastic. The possibility to drive the car and get to know the team was a unique experience. Vettel-Ferrari “Obviously, its already winter time so it was quite cold doing some laps but it was a great feeling, it is always enjoyable to be in the car and, again, looking back to the years when I was 11 or 12, trying to look over the fence and trying to see a glimpse of Michael running on the track, well, today I was the one running and saw the tifosi around. FIA Concludes Jules Bianchi Crash Report: The FIA have finished their investigation into the causes that led to Jules Bianchi crashing out of the Japanese Grand Prix under wet race conditions. The FIA concluded Bianchi failed to slow down sufficiently to avoid loosing control when the race was under yellow flags back in October. Jules-Bianchi-Crash-Report Bianchi slid off the Suzuka circuit at 78mph and hit a recovery vehicle, the impact caused Bianchi to suffer severe head injuries and the Frenchman remains in Japan under an artificially induced coma. The report also stated: “During the two seconds Bianchi’s car was leaving the track and traversing the run-off area, he applied both throttle and brake together, using both feet. “The Failsafe algorithm is designed to over-ride the throttle and cut the engine, but was inhibited by the torque coordinator, which controls the rear brake-by-wire (BBW) system. “Bianchi’s Marussia has a unique design of BBW, which proved to be incompatible with the Failsafe settings. “The fact that the Failsafe did not disqualify the engine torque requested by the driver may have affected the impact velocity; it has not been possible to reliably quantify this. “However, it may be that Bianchi was distracted by what was happening and the fact that his front wheels had locked, and been unable to steer the car such that it missed the crane.” 2015 Formula One Race Calendar:
15 March: Australia 26 July: Hungary
29 March: Malaysia 23 August: Belgium
12 April: China 6 September: Italy
19 April: Bahrain 20 September: Singapore
3 May: Korea* 27 September: Japan
10 May: Spain 11 October: Russia
24 May: Monaco 25 October: United States
7 June: Canada 1 November: Mexico
21 June: Austria 15 November: Brazil
5 July: Great Britain 29 November: Abu Dhabi
19 July: Germany * to be confimed
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