Audi Q7 To Receive Plug-in Hybrid Makeover
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The Volkswagen Group will offer its first plug-in hybrid diesel by 2015 and the Audi Q7 will be the first recipient of the technology which will also be offered as a petrol plug-in hybrid. Car Manufacturers are beginning to roll out a range of plug-in hybrid models, Audi hopes a diesel plug-in will give them an advantage over their premium luxury rivals. Audi is still late to market, Volvo was the first auto company to offer a diesel Plug-in hybrid with the V60 in 2013 and has sold over 10,000 units, punters haven’t been put off by the high asking price of 52,000 euro’s. Audi’s desire is to beat Mercedes and BMW as the first premium car brand to offer a diesel plug-in hybrid. The A8 will also be another beneficiary of the technology. It is believed the 3.0-litre V6 diesel will be combined with an electric motor as a basis for the Plug-in offering. Audi CEO, Rupert Stadler recently said: “We strongly believe in plug-in hybrids,” Stadler said earlier this year during the launch of the A3 Sportback e-tron, the automaker’s first plug-in hybrid, which combines a gasoline engine and an electric motor.” Tougher emissions regulations are forcing auto manufacturers to invest in new powerplant technologies and industry analysts believe Audi has fallen behind its rivals on such technologies as Electric Vehicles. However Audi believes that battery powered cars have too many limitations and the company is focused on refining its diesel offerings to lower Co2 emissions. Next year Toyota will begin selling its Hydrogen powered car, it seems the technology race within the automotive industry is taking an altogether different route. Which one will survive will be governed by sales.  Audi-Q7-Plugin-Hybrid
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