Bentley Continental GT Pickup Truck Concept
This is the new Bentley Continental GT Pickup Truck, that will never be built. Its been conceptualised by X-Tomi internet car designer and Photoshop nerd. Opinion’s will be split, if you are from Australia then this should be a big hit, “Yutes” as our Aussie cousins call them, are big in the outback and if someone were to create such a beast it would be expensive to make we’re sure. X-Tomi wanted to create a sporty pickup because there are none he says and so he used Continental GT but he didn’t just stick to Bentley’s he also worked his magic on the S Class Coupe 63 AMG. S-Class-Coupe-63-AMG The current Bentley Continental GT uses a 4.0-Litre V8 Twinturbo and accelerates from -60mph in 4.3 seconds thanks to 567 bhp and 700Nm of torque and that’s just the entry level model! It costs between ‎£123,850 to £151,100. The Merc is equally as expensive but not as exclusive. In our opinion. We contacted Bentley to ask if they would ever build a GT pickup, they slammed down the phone in fury. The next day we were visited by MI5 and the FBi. The conclusion, Bentley has powerful friends.  Bentley-Continental-GT-Pickup-Truck
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