Ferrari FXX K Gets Thumbs Up For Unhinged Hypercar Sound
The Ferrari FXX K was the star attraction at the 2014 Finale Mondiali in Abu Dhabi over the weekend. Ferrari’s one make race/festival was winding down for the season and of course the most attention was drawn too the FXX K Hypercar.  It was the first chance to hear what will be a track only beast, only 32 will ever be made and will go too longstanding clients of Ferrari’s choosing. The Hypercar features a 1,050bhp V12 with Formula One derived hybrid technology. Ferrari have not confirmed the pricing but it is expected the FXX K will cost around $2.5 million each. If you want to buy one then you are too late, the FXX K is sold out. You won’t be able to park your FXX K in the garage, Ferrari’s XX programme is track specific and if you are one of those lucky few owners then you are going to have to fly out to Maranello to sample all that power. Or where ever else in the world the FXX K will be racing. The FXX K weighs 90kg less than the La Ferrari and is more aerodynamic proficient than the previous FXX for example it generates 540kg of load at 124mph thanks to an advanced aerodynamic package. The FXX K is a demonstration of Ferrari’s Formula One and WEC know how, its a technology showcase designed to push the limits of what is achievable without having to comply with regulations.  Ferrari-FXX-K-Abu-Dhabi
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