Ferrari Sergio Celebrates 60yr Partnership With Pininfarina
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Ferrari don’t need an excuse to celebrate, when they do they create the Ferrari Sergio. You may be thinking its a brand exercise for the latest Super Mario karting game. It isn’t, but it is “eets-sa-guud!”  The Ferrari Sergio celebrates the 60 year design styling relationship between automotive styling house, Pininfarina and the Scuderia. Ferrari-Sergio-Side The Ferrari Sergio is a homage, a doffing of the hat to the design company that bears the founders name, Sergio Pininfarina, and in true Ferrari tradition its full of Italian flair. The Ferrari Sergio is based on the 458 Spider, none of the underlying mechanical’s have been altered, as you can see it has a specially commissioned exterior design that echos the 458 Spider. The naturally aspirated V8 found in the 458 remains, it pumps out  605bhp and prances to 0-60mph in 3.0s. The interior is also unchanged from a design perspective. Although customers can personalise to their hearts content. Ferrari-Sergio-Interior However those customers will be reserved to 6 of Ferrari’s long time clients, individuals who will not sell on the Sergio for a quick profit. To confirm only 6 Ferrari Sergio’s will ever be made The Sergio is a complete one-off, a coach built OEM Prancing Horse which has been optimised for track excursions should those lucky six ever want to do so. As Ferrari explained; “The front spoiler beneath the bonnet beneath the bonnet balances downforce and optimises heat exchange. The roll-bar is a modern take on the classic Ferrari flying buttress and negative rear window.  Integrated into the roll-bars are the air intakes for clutch and gearbox oil cooling.  Lastly, the rear nolder and rear extractor generate downforce, adding an efficient finishing flourish to the car’s design.”  Ferrari-Sergio-Rear The interior, say Ferrari, has been stripped back to its most functional form possible. That said it still looks quite luxurious to our eyes. So what Ferrari have created is an Italian version of the Lotus Elise. Ferrari have not commented on the price of the Sergio, when pressed a Ferrari spokesperson merely shrugged his shoulders. We believe he was Italian. The Ferrari Sergio was unveiled in Abu Dhabi at the Yas Marina Circuit, where the Finali Mondiali Ferrari are being staged.  Ferrari-Sergio-Front
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