Guy Builds Replica F1 Car, Racing Attire Needs Work
You have got to hand it to Mr Abdul Latif who hails from the Indonesian island of Lombok, located to the east of Bali. Mr Latif has created his own replica Ferrari F1 car and although it isn’t entirely accurate, not even down to the minutest of detail, it is an impressive feat nonetheless. Mr Latif spent about $4,300 dollars constructing his F1 clone according to local media reports. That’s a lot of money for the average Indonesian where the median, monthly income is around £700 GBP. F1-Ferrari-Replica-A The exotic looking replica is comparable in size to an F3 car, don’t expect an exotic powerplant, the engine, chassis and running gear is sourced from a Daihatsu Hijet microvan, perfect fodder for Mr Laftifs mini-me F1 car. The engine is a rather puny 550cc unit and is mounted upfront, Mr Latif has grand visions to build a full sized F1 replica with the engine mounted at the rear. What this demonstrates is intelligence can be found in all parts of the world and people like Mr Latif don’t need a degree in engineering to build cars because they just have that inquisitive nature. F1-Ferrari-Replica-B Although we do have just one problem, the racing overalls are classic replicas of the worst kind, you know the ones you “accidentally” purchased by mistake while on holiday, the ones that make you spontaneously itch when worn. Other than that its a Facebook style thumbs up, trademark and copyright infringements withstanding.  F1-Ferrari-Replica
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