Last of The Bugatti Veyron’s To Be Speedster Fury
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Supercars are not like mobile phones you see a mobile phone is replaced every year with a new model and so the cycle continues. A car can take years to design, test and develop and those yearly cosmetic updates are engineered into the product life-cycle in advance. All eyes are on the next generation Bugatti Veyron or what ever the replacement will be so named, production is due to end anytime….. soon. It could be weeks certainly no longer than a few months. Veyron production started back in 2005 and being a hand built extreme and extremely expensive hypercar car only now have all 450 examples come close to being fulfilled. Expect some kind of ceremony when the last model rolls off the assembly line in Molsheim, Alsace, France. Bugatti have been working on a successor for the past year and its expected to retain the same 8.0-litre quad-turbo W16 engine quite possibly mated to a hybrid powerplant and this is expected to raise the power too 1,500bhp. As a result the top speed is expected to increase too around 288mph which is 16mph faster than the current Veyron Super Sport. The Veyron successor is slated for a 2016 debut although that could slip too 2017. However before that expect to see a few more special edition models such as the mooted Bugatti Speedster which will be a highly stylized and modified Veyron in outlandish disguise. If the Speedster is made then it will be the last of the Veyron special editions to roll off the assembly line. The Speedster will have a lightweight and bespoke body resting on a standard Veyron chassis and may well be tuned to hell hath no fury and back. Price? well that’s anyone ones guess, £3m -£4m is quite possible and being the last of the Veyron’s it may well become highly sought after and highly collectible.  Bugatti-Speedster
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