How To Make A Lexus LFA
Video Ever wondered how the Lexus LFA supercar is made, so have we here at DCB Towers. Now you maybe saying what are we doing showing a video of a supercar that came to the end of its production in 2012? Our intention is to give you an insight in the high level of detail and engineering Lexus afforded to the LFA. Not only did it have the highest revving V10 in production it also had one of the most memorably V10 sound tracks, perhaps of all time. Only 500 units were made and each at a cost of $370,00 dollars, not including additional customer personalisation costs. This video is an interesting view on how the LFA was made and what to expect for the successor. Lexus execs have hinted at a replacement, the LFA was a 552bhp bullet, however with the advent of hybrid-supercars such as the McLaren P1 the LFA is now considered old technology. That V10 noise, untouchable.  Lexus-LFA-Production
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