Nissan Leaf To Spark Rise of The Electric Vehicle Sales?
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This is what we and many car fans have worried about for sometime, Electric Vehicles sales are rising, although EV sales are thankfully still a mere trickle compared to petrol and diesel sales. That hasn’t stopped Nissan to declare that it expects to see double digit sales of the Leaf EV in 2015 after recording record sales for 2014. The Nissan Leaf experienced a 40 percent rise in demand through October selling 12,655 units and making it Europe’s best selling EV. The rise in sales is down to a number of key factors, as always the most important fact is that prices are now lower than when the Leaf was first introduced in 2010. At first the Leaf used to cost around 400 euros per month to lease, this has now dropped to around 250 euros. Government incentives have also encouraged more sales, in France the Leaf can be leased for 169 euros per month. Nissan has also reduced costs and passed these savings onto to consumers. In the UK Leaf is also discounted and competes on price point with compact cars such as the Ford Focus and VW Golf. Nissan have also introduced an electric powered van, the e-NV200 is expected to make up 20 percent of Nissan’s EV sales. The Spanish built e-NV200 uses the same EV technology as the Leaf.  Nissan-Leaf-2014
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