This is What you Should Do To Your Old Peugeot 106
Video We have issues with good and bad car modifications, hell we have issues with modifications. Its a little like the bad guy in a big budget Hollywood movie spending hundreds of millions of dollars just to steal a couple of million or exacting a senseless revenge. Why doesn’t the bad guy just sit back and enjoy the sun, he wouldn’t get killed at the end of the movie or get sent to prison. In the same manner people who modify cars spend thousands that could other wise be made use of in other ways, they could buy a new car or put that deposit down for a house purchase. Or worse, send their kids to private school. But the world without car modifiers is like a world without oxygen or dogs with fluffy ears. These guys from Greece have modified the hell out of a Peugeot 106 and that’s a good thing because the 106 wasn’t exactly the French Lions greatest hour. It gets better still not only is the 106 450PS better off its also been converted to rear wheel drive, and by the looks of it lacks traction control. All hail to the world of auto modifiers. One thing we did notice was, we didn’t realise “drum and bass” had survived into 2010 when this video was up loaded onto YouTube, nor did we think it was popular in Greece.  Modified-RWD-Peugeot-106
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