The Real Reason Why Fernando Alonso Left Ferrari
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There are many rumors as to the reason why Fernando Alonso left Ferrari when he said he would stay until the end of his career. We know why he joined the Scuderia after his first round with McLaren ended in a blaze of animosity back in 2007. Alonso spent the last five years at Ferrari in the hope the team would deliver on their promise to build a championship wining car. Ferrari never did, with Alonso at the helm Ferrari came close to wining the championship because of the skill of the driver and not the car. But over the last two years it was never close enough and the relationship drifted further apart. As we know Alonso left Ferrari this year and according to his manager, former Renault team boss Flavio Briatore, Alonso simply had enough of the unfulfilled promises offered to him by Ferrari. For Alonso the enemies enemy truly is his friend and this December he finally signed for McLaren, an open secret known about for weeks. Briatore, a bulldog of a team principle, was speaking too Italy’s La Gazzetta dello Sport over the weekend. Of Alonso’s departure from Ferrari he said: “In 2013. It was a gentlemen’s agreement with di Montezemolo, if the car in 2014 was not up to scratch, adios. All it needed was a handshake. Besides Fernando was tired of the usual tune, ‘You’ll see, the next one will be the winning car.” Briatore also alluded to Alonso’s bemusement as to why Ferrari brought in technical staff that were no match for the best at Mercedes, McLaren or Red Bull  “they should have tried to sign the number 1 and not the number… 25!” said Briatore. Alonso also believed Ferrari should have used its veto to avoid the switch to V6 hybrid power after Alonso realised Ferrari were behind in the development stages. Briatore also moved to put on a friendly front towards Alonso’s team mate for 2015, Jenson Button. Back in 2010 Briatore referred to Button as a concrete roadside post. Briatore was banned from participating in the sport after he was involved in a race fixing scandal at the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix. Time heals everything says Briatore, the Alonso McLaren relationship and now the Button, Briatore relationship: “We are happy because he is a good boy, smart and clever. He has already worked with Fernando in my team (Renault in 2002),” said Briatore who skilfully avoided the side swipe he made towards Button.  Fernando-Alonso-According-
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