The Joy of Owning A Used Ferrari FF, By Chris Harris
If you don’t know who Chris Harris is lets start by saying he is a UK motoring journalist who has worked for Autocar, Evo Magazine, Pistonheads and also contributes for Harris is noted for purchasing a used Lamborghini Gallardo a few years ago, about two years ago he bought himself a used Ferrari 599 GTB before selling it because it was too expensive to maintain. If you think UK motoring hacks are extremely well paid then think again, the’re not, Chris purchased his cars by using good old consumer fiance. The two year old Ferrari FF cost Harris £160,000, on fiance this means a monthly repayment of £1,500 per month. New the FF would cost in excess of £300k. Harris usually keeps his supercars for about 12 months before selling and moving on but for Harris its worth it just to experience the Ferrari FF on a daily basis. Harris goes on to say the V12 powered FF makes him feel special, we say that’s a lot of money to pay you don’t have to make yourself feel special but what the hell, as long as he doesn’t miss the repayments. What really got our gripe was the fact that Harris goes onto give a full on user review, elbow room head room and so. Its a sports GT car for Christ sake not a Renault bloody Laguna. The final insult is when Harris demonstrates the versatility of the FF by loading a mountain bike into the rear boot space, that really made us depressed.  Ferrari-FF-Chris-Harris
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