The Mitsubishi Evolution X FQ-360
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Model spec: Mitsubishi Evo X, Fq-360 GSR SST Price: £37,799.00 Engine: 2.0-L turbo
BHP / Torque: 360 / 492 Max Speed: 155 CO2: 328g/km 0-62mph: 4.1 seconds
Economy/Range: 27mpg combined Tax: £500/year
Take a bog standard Mitsubishi Lancer saloon, add flared wheel arches, air intakes, a deep resonating exhaust, a turbo charged 2.0 litre petrol engine, a massive rear spoiler and you have the winning recipe for the Evolution X. Evolution X by name and evolution by nature, a hybrid successor is rumored to be in development. Like the iPhone 6 the Evolution series in the UK is now available as a two model derivative. The FQ 360 isn’t a mere plus sized car it actually try’s to push the limits of the space time continuum.
“getting to that race track might be difficult driven moderately it can do 27mpg, at worst 15mpg, but what a way to waste money”
And it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the FQ 360 comes courtesy of 60bhp more, not much of an increase over the FQ 300 you may think. Whereas The FQ 300 lacked straight line acceleration the extra 60bhp, combined with an extra 91 Nm of torque, propels the FQ 360 into a car capable of reaching 0-60 mph in 4.1 seconds. A relative small amount has now made a big difference in terms of acceleration performance. And that dual clutch gear box, under full acceleration, will change gears quicker than you can press the paddle shift levers. Then there is the handling, the Evolution X features an All Wheel Drive system together with an electronically controlled rear differential. You get three driving modes, selectable options for different driving conditions, Snow, Tarmac and Gravel. The system is so advanced that it allows you to throw the Evolution X into a corner without thinking about the consequences. Just as you think you can’t go any faster, the car can’t grip any further the Evolution X says ‘Shoryuken!!’ and presses on harder and faster than before. You become a mere passenger in an extra dimensional zone as the cars electronic brain over rules Newtons laws of physics in the same Einstein did. The Mitsubishi Evolution X 360 is a car that drives you, you don’t drive it public roads are too easy for a car such as this, to understand its true capabilities, to discover the cars very being you really ought to take it for a spin on a race track. But getting to that race track might be difficult driven moderately it can do 27mpg, at worst 15mpg, but what a way to waste money. The Mitsubishi Evolution X is the generation Hadouken car.

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