The Painful Joys of Supercar Ownership
His name is Paul Wallace, a prolific YouTube V-logger and supercar fanatic who made his name and and nice tidy sum by posting, you guessed it, YouTube videos of supercars in London. His YouTube channel has generated over 75 million views which mean Mr Wallace is very ad friendly indeed, at 23 years old his YouTube hobby has netted him an estimated £200k tto dates throw in a few sponsors and Mr Wallace is doing so great he afforded himself the luxury of buying his very own supercar, a pre-owned Audi R8. In this video Wallace describes the pain of owning such a highly prized asset, a full service with brakes and discs costs him around £3k, which exceeds his old car by some margin a Vauxhall Astra 1.6-lire diesel.  Supercarsoflondon
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