V10 Powered Cars That Sound Better Than F1 Turbos
Unfortunately we are now in the midst of a turbo charged era, you see its better for the environment, that’s why F1 adopted the switch from the roar of the naturally aspirated V8 to the drone of the turbo charged V6 for 2014. Formula One wants to reflect real world end users but most car buyers can’t afford a £2m+ F1 car or the £200-400 million pound budgets of the top F1 teams let alone the minuscule £50 million pound budget of the lesser teams. Thankfully the naturally aspirated V-powered era is still alive and just about kicking, temporarily unaffected by C02 bureaucrats for now. We reckon the best sounding engines are the V10’s. This video features, among others, the BMW E60 M5 which was the world’s first production saloon to feature a V10 petrol engine and 7 speed sequential manual gear box. The E60 sounds like hells wrath in a fight with Jesus and we will perhaps never see or hear its like in a production car again. That said we hope naturally aspirated V-powered cars don’t fade into the sunset there is nothing better than the sound of a naturally aspirated, bad ass V8, V10 or V12 resonating from about half a mile. Oh noise pollution how much we love you.  Turbo-Cars
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