Adrian Newey Says Mercedes Power Lies in Horsepower
Formula One
Adrian Newey believes Mercedes F1 could once again rule the 2015 season as it did in 2014 and literally run away with full championship honors. Newey cites the dominance of the Mercedes engine which was the most powerful of all last season. Rules that were designed to restrict engine testing and development, in order to save money, helped Mercedes dominate. That said Mercedes had to superior engine, Newey speaking to a British Sports cable operator said; “Can Renault and Ferrari get to Mercedes’ level? It’s going to be a very difficult challenge – and of course we don’t know where Honda are going to come in,” Newey questioned whether Renault or Ferrari could close the gap significantly enough in time for the first race of the season in March. Honda who are marking their return too the sport since they left in 2009 may also find the going tough. Newey is regarded as the most successful F1 designer of his era, perhaps of all time, and he has guided Red Bull to unprecedented levels of sucess. This year Newey wants to take a step back from day to day responsibilities and is handing the reigns over to a new generation. Of the new regulations Newey added, “With a slightly weaker engine but a superior chassis you can still win and vice versa. We have a reasonably even balance between engine and chassis – which, in my view, is how it should be.”    Adrian-Newey-Red-Bull-2015
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