Honda Accord Bites The Dust in Europe
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The Honda Accord is dead, long live the… well there will be no replacement for the Accord not in Europe for at least the foreseeable future. Honda have decided to axe the Accord in Europe because it failed to establish a sales foothold in the tough mid-sized saloon segment which is dominated by German brands. Premium makes such as the Mercedes C Class and BMW 3 Series are in demand and even the stable diet of mass market fooder such as the Ford Mondeo and VW Passat are struggling against the Mercedes and BMW. Honda simply said in a statement the cost to compete is “eyewatering”. The Honda Accord was first launched in 1977, production was moved to the UK in 1992. Honda made the decision to move production back to Japan by 2000 but as the Yen strengthened against the euro zone currency Honda couldn’t match the discounts offered local European manufactures. Last year Honda sold around 3,453 Accords on the back of seeing a 5 percent drop in its European market share giving a total of 133,268 vehicles sold. But a new concerted effort is now underway, a refresh of its current line up is being led by its CR-V SUV and the HR-V compact SUV will go on sale in Europe around spring time.  Honda-Axes-Accord
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