Honda Question Fairness of Formula One Rulemakers
Formula One
Honda has questioned the status-quo within F1 after they and McLaren contacted the FIA to clarify the situation regarding in season engine development. Honda returns to the sport after exiting in 2008, re-uniting with McLaren as an engine supplier for 2015. Last week the FIA confirmed too all teams that a date for engine homogenization has yet to be set and therefore engine updates will be allowed throughout the 2015 campaign, which begins on March 15th in Australia. Last year the date was set in late February after this point all engine manufactures were no longer able to develop their powerplants. That was too the advantage of Mercedes who developed the most powerful engine in 2014, restrictions meant Mercedes ran away with world championship honors. With no date being earmarked for 2015 you would think that would be too the benefit of all but it doesn’t work like that in Formula One. Honda’s past participation in the sport holds it no favors with F1’s rulemakers and since Honda is a new entry in 2015 the FIA have set a homologation date for them, February 28th. After February 28th Honda will be prohibited from introducing in season updates. The rules make sense to the powers that be at the FIA but too many it doesn’t and this is why Honda have questioned the rules. For Honda to make public statements about the logic and fairness of the rules within F1 is very rare, Honda prefer to remain low profile, let success do the talking and quietly twist arms from behind closed doors. A Honda spokesperson said “Honda believes in fair competition for the goodness of the sport, and for our fans,” McLaren officially launches its new Honda-powered MP4/30 on January 29.  Honda-McLaren-2015
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